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Serene Skies: Hot Air Ballooning in Sedona Arizona

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hot air balloon in sedona arizona

The landscape in Sedona, AZ is one of the most breathtaking sights in the world. What better way to view the red rocks, high peaks, cliffs, canyons, and deserts than from a hot air balloon in Sedona Arizona? Balloon companies will have one flight per day early in the morning so you can see an unparalleled sunrise over the unique area. Check out these two Sedona Arizona hot air balloons and book your air time today.

Red Rock Balloon Adventures

Hot Air Balloon In Sedona Arizona

hot air balloon in sedona arizona image captures by Red Rock Balloon Adventure

The sunrise flight at Red Rock Balloon Adventures is a sight to behold. Your gentle glide over the area’s natural landscape is both peaceful and exciting. You will also catch a glimpse of the local wildlife. The company’s full experience lasts about four hours, with flight time being anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. Known as a “aerial nature walk,” you’ll get an unmatched panoramic view of Red Rock Country. This company has a permit to fly from the Coconino National Forest, which also means they are part of the preservation efforts to keep Sedona pristine and safe for many years to come. 

Dress comfortably for the season, and wear sensible, closed-toe shoes. The first part of the adventure is the inflation of the balloon, where guests see how the flight is prepped for take off at the launch site off Dry Creek Road near Seven Canyons. The pilot and crew are there to help you every step of the way, even from this first moment. Once you take off, you’ll glide serenely along the air current, taking in the canyons, peaks, and amazing colors of the region. Don’t forget to bring your camera! Once you land, you and the crew will have a celebratory champagne toast followed by an interesting ballooning lesson from the pilot. 

The company claims a perfect safety record for their fully insured launches that feature oversized gondolas for security and comfort. They are also built to seat up to sixteen standing passengers, depending on total weight. All pilots are authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration. 

Northern Light Balloon Expeditions

hot air balloon in sedona arizona image captures Northern Light Balloon Expeditions

For a more intimate experience, try Northern Light Balloon Expeditions. Their fleet of five balloons can accommodate a variety of passenger headcounts depending on weights, with most holding about seven guests per flight on average. Launching from just off Red Rock Loop Road near Red Rock State Park, every trip is a little different since the balloons cannot be steered; you’ll just have to see where the wind takes you!

This company has an excellent safety record since opening their business in 1974, giving them the longest flying record of any balloon company in the state. Their balloons are FAA regulated and their pilots are licensed and experienced. Even their ground crew is highly trained and professional, ensuring your safety and comfort at every step of the journey.  

Preparing for this excursion includes wearing the right gear. Since this company starts and ends in the national forest, long pants and sensible closed-toe shoes are recommended. Sometimes the temperatures fluctuate up in the balloon, and in fact it may seem warmer once you take flight. Layering is your best bet. A water bottle is also recommended, particularly during summer trips, and don’t forget your cameras! At the end of your journey, you will be treated to a champagne toast. In addition, this company offers complimentary pickup and return to your Sedona accommodations. 

Thrilling Adventures Inside A Hot Air Balloon In Sedona Arizona

Before booking either of these companies, make sure to check, age, height, and weight requirements for their fleet as well as health and mobility requirements. Guests will have to climb in and out of the balloon baskets and stand for long periods during the trip. Depending on where balloons land, there may also be a hike back to base and no access to formal restrooms. 

Explore red rocks in a hot air balloon in Sedona Arizona, you won’t forget seeing Sedona from the skies! Click here to stay close to the adventure and book one of these top choices for Sedona vacation rentals.

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