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Sedona Arizona Hot Springs: Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body

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sedona arizona hot springs

Sedona Arizona Hot Springs

Sedona, Arizona hot springs are a must for Sedona visitors looking for a soothing way to boost health and take a break from a packed itinerary. Hot springs are a naturally occurring water source when groundwater is heated by the warmest layers of the earth, making it a natural way to unwind that also comes with a host of mind and body benefits. Take a look at the closest Sedona Arizona hot springs to visit. 

1. El Dorado Hot Springs

Sedona Arizona Hot Springs

sedona arizona hot springs provided by Christal Lowe

When you think of a hot spring in Sedona, you probably envision the vibe that is El Dorado Springs. Palm trees, bamboo groves, and freely roaming wildlife like chickens, peacocks, and even pigs can be found here as you relax in the communal pools filled with naturally heated 107℉ water.

Some areas are clothing required while others let you soak in your most natural state. Even though the stone pools are manmade, the whole resort is rustic and simple, letting you take in nature’s beauty while you soak in the odorless, sulfur-free mineral water. There are also tables, chairs, and fireplaces to recline in between your soaks as well as cold water tubs. Private and public options are available, and there is no alcohol, cell phones, or photography on the premises. 

2. Verde Hot Springs

sedona arizona hot springs

sedona arizona hot springs photo taken by Brian J. Russel

Located in Prescott National Forest and formally a popular nudist resort, Verde Sedona Arizona Hot Springs is a clothing-optional spot for your relaxation needs. The ruins of the resort are now covered in spiritual artwork, which makes this location unique to other choices. With three hot mineral pools to choose from, the odor-free water is composed of boron, calcium, iron, lithium, magnesium, sodium, rubidium, and cesium, with temperatures between 98 and 102°F. Since it’s popular, weekdays are best if you want to soak with fewer guests. 

3. Castle Hot Springs

sedona arizona hot springs

sedona arizona hot springs photo taken by Brooke Blair Aulerich

This adults-only spot is also an all-inclusive wellness center. The hot spring pools consist of lithium, magnesium, and bicarbonates, and are surrounded by palm groves, adding to the natural, soothing retreat. There is also a lodge featuring a small freshwater duck pond and swimming pool.

The upper springs section has two secluded pools, one at a temperature of 105°F and the another at 90°F. The lower spring is the coolest pool, with a temperature of  86°F. There are also outdoor showers, restrooms, changing rooms, lockers, and lounge chairs nearby, and guests can book a night in the location’s bungalows. The lodge has rooms for booking that feature their own mineral baths. Castle Hot Springs is adults only, and clothing is required in public areas. 

4. Kaiser Hot Springs

Located deep in Kaiser Canyon, nature lovers will enjoy this natural, primitive vibe. Best enjoyed in spring and fall, the hot spring is a manmade rock-and-dirt walled shallow pool. Temperatures range from 100°F at the source to 93°F in cooler spots. Hike in on the trail in your best gear and then choose “clothing optional” when you are ready to soak. Pets are welcome but must be leashed.

5. Lake Mead National Recreation Area

sedona arizona hot springs

sedona arizona hot springs photo taken by Lake Mead National Recreation Area National Park Service 

As one of the top hot springs in the state, Lake Mead is found along the Colorado River near the Hoover Dam. As the first and most extensive recreation area in our country, the location is more than 1.5 million acres, and visitors can hike through the canyons to reach the hundreds of springs that can heat up to 140℉. For the safest soaking temperatures, stick to the ones downstream of Ringbolt Rapid. There are other things to do in this spot such as swimming, hiking, fishing, camping, and boating.

6. Essence of Tranquility

This location offers a few different themed, open-air but enclosed hot spring pools throughout the day and night. Totaling six stone pools with temperatures ranging from 98 through 105°F, the decor includes Asian, Greek, waterfall, blue lagoon, cave, and music/love styles.

Not only can you soak in mineral water filtered into the tubs directly from the water source, but you can also enjoy the nearby campground and gift shop as well as bunkhouse and casitas, which offer amenities like beds, fridges, and even heating and air conditioning. Guests can also enjoy a communal kitchen and barbecue. Don’t forget to ask about their massage and reflexology treatments during your stay. Pet friendly as long as dogs are leashed and away from pools and kitchen.

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