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There is a reason why Sedona boasts over 300 miles of hiking trails. Not only is the city situated in a beautiful landscape, but the weather allows for outdoor adventures year-round. At an elevation of about 4,500 feet (1,372m) above sea level, Sedona enjoys four seasons each year. Typical temperatures are 10-15F cooler than the Phoenix area, so bring layers of clothing in Fall, Winter, and Spring. High temperatures in Summer can exceed 100F, and Winter lows can drop below 32F.  Spring and Fall are considered most desirable.  Winter is also a time to escape severe weather with our mild winters and decorative (yet rare) snow.  Summer’s in Sedona are a great place to escape the heat of Phoenix, espcially at our Canyon Villa with its close proximatey to Sedona’s world famous Oak Creek in beautiful Oak Creek Canyon.  Below is a chart of average temperatures to help you plan your visit to Sedona, Arizona; the most beautiful place on earth.



Grand Canyon National Park

GRAND CANYON National Park

Phoenix Metro Area


Puerto Penasco, MX


Sedona, AZ