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Vacation Rental Agreement

We accept for payment: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express or Personal Check. 50% deposit is due at the time of booking and the balance due on or before 30 days prior to arrival. We require the purchase of a damage insurance policy for each reservation. Tenants

are responsible for any damage, missing items, excessive cleanup, stain, odor removal or moving furniture back to its original position. Please report any damaged or inoperable items you find within 24 hours of check in. Large gatherings not permitted at the properties. Day and overnight guests cannot exceed posted occupancy and each guest name must be registered prior to occupancy. On street parking is not permitted at any time. Smoking is not permitted. Some properties permit pets, however there are additional pet fees and all pets must be registered and approved prior to occupancy.


In order to maintain peace and the quiet enjoyment of the property commensurate with residential zones, quiet times shall be from 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday.  This is a residential neighborhood.  Homes in the canyon are built close together.  Occupants and guests shall reside in the residence without causing disturbances to the neighboring properties.  Loud music, loud noises, excessive traffic, disorderly conduct, accumulation of refuse and garbage, trespassing, barking dogs, and excessive vehicles parked in the street that would hinder traffic or emergency vehicles are prohibited.


Pets must be approved by owner prior to arrival.  Pets shall be secured at all times while on the property and are subject to all applicable Animal Management rules and regulations as adopted by Coconino County.  Excessive barking is prohibited and all animal waste shall be collected and appropriately disposed of.


Street parking is prohibited.


Please do not move the furniture in the house.  Housekeeping is not responsible for moving restoring the position of moved furniture.  In the event furniture is moved without permission we reserve the right to charge a minimum $100 furniture moving fee.


Guests who lose or misplace house keys are charged a $50 home rekey fee and guest who depart with a garage door gate opener are charge a $100 replacement fee.

Guests are held responsible for any house rule violations that result in complaints or diminished use of property including financial losses.

Equipment Disclaimer:

Equipment and facilities are provided at the discretion of the Owner and while every attempt is made to ensure that such equipment is in working order for the duration of the rental period, should a breakdown or some other situation occur that renders the element unusable, we do not accept responsibility for refunding the Guest for the lack of use of these equipment or facilities. The equipment and facilities referred to include (but are not exclusive to) such items as washer/dryers, motors, televisions, VCRs, satellite equipment, internet access, gas grills and kitchen appliances.

CANCELLATIONS AND FORFEITS (Applies when booking direst through the owner)

A.   ALL CANCELLTIONS MADE WITHIN 30 DAYS OF ARRIVAL ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.   If you had elected to purchase Trip Insurance please contact the travel insurance company with your claim.

B.    If cancellations are made outside of 31 days of arrival, your deposit will be refunded minus the $100 cancellation fee and trip insurance premium.

C.    Sedona Vacation Villas is not responsible for the weather or other Acts of God and there will be no refunds for these occurrences.  Purchasing trip insurance covers you from losses you may incur due to unforeseen circumstances, such as unexpected health issues, death, inclement weather or jury duty.  Trip insurance may be added up to 31 days prior to arrival.  We recommend that your purchase this insurance.  Trip Insurance is non-refundable regardless of cancellation.   This link will direct you to purchase travelers insurance:

D.   Cancellation of a confirmed reservation must be received in writing for Guest’s protection.  We recommend the purchase of cancellation insurance for all non-refundable deposits.


When staying at our properties you agree to the following:

  • NO Pregnant women, children and those with heart disease
  • ASK your doctor before getting in if you take medicines or have medical condition
  • Don’t get in tub if you have open sores or wounds, or cuts, or diarrhea
  • SHOWER off particles, oils, cosmetics, hair gels, etc…before getting in
  • CHECK the chemical strip and temperature (104 degrees or less) yourself
  • No drugs or alcohol use before or during
  • No pets, pee, or procreation allowed in the tub
  • Limit your soak to 15 minutes at a time
  • Keep your head, arms and upper chest out of the water to avoid overheating
  • Stay hydrated before getting into the hot tub
  • Get out if you feel dizzy, overheated, nauseous, or unwell
  • Close the lid when you are finished
  • Do Not sit, lay or stand on the hot tub cover

Be careful when getting out so you don’t slip and fall