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Sedona AZ Nearest Airports: Your Guide To The Top 7 Airports

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Sedona AZ nearest airports

When planning your trip to Sedona, one step is finding the right airport to fly in and out of. There are a few airports nearby depending on where you are coming from and what your itinerary entails. Take a look at the list below of Sedona AZ nearest airports and start booking your dates today.

1. Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX)

Sedona AZ nearest airports

Sedona AZ nearest airports image provided by Phoenix Sky Harbor

Phoenix Sky Harbor is Sedona AZ nearest airports, clocking in at just over two hours to get to Sedona. As one of the busiest airports in the world, thousands of flights come in and out every day, making it easy to find the right flight from any destination and at any time day or night. It is also convenient when Sedona is just one stop on your vacation itinerary; booking here will make beginning your next leg even more convenient.  

2. Sedona Airport (KSEZ)

Known as  “America’s most scenic airport” and providing private and charter flights to the region since 1955, Sedona Airport earns its reputation from its location at the top of a mountain five hundred feet above Sedona. While there are no commercial flights to this local choice, Sedona itself has gained popularity over the years. Because of this, the airport has ensured that it’s runways and parking areas are updated and ready to serve the influx of travelers. And because it is located in West Sedona, it is just two miles from the center of popular destinations. 

3. Prescott Ernest A. Love Field (PRC)

Sedona AZ nearest airports

Sedona AZ nearest airports image provided by Prescott Regional Airport

Any trip to Arizona benefits from flying to and from Prescott Ernest A. Love Field. Centrally located and just an hour and a half from Sedona, this airport makes it easy to visit other top spots in the state, such as Phoenix, Flagstaff, and the Grand Canyon. Commercial service is limited with Great Lake Airlines, but you can grab connecting flights from Los Angeles, Denver, and a few other popular places.  

4. Flagstaff Pullium Airport (FLG)

As the closest small commercial airport at just forty minutes form Sedona, Flagstaff Pullium Airport offers flights from top airlines like United and American. You can also connect here through Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. For those looking to book charter and private flights, this location is a top choice, and no matter which you choose, you’ll have a scenic drive through Oak Creek Canyon to and from the airport. 

5. Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, Nevada (LAS)

This location is one of the busiest commercial airports domestically and internationally. Las Vegas McCarran offers more than thirty-four airline choices. While it is a five and a half hour drive from Sedona, it can be your first stop before making a connection to one of the smaller airports closer to your destination. 

6. Grand Canyon Airport (GCN)

Sedona AZ nearest airports

Grand Canyon Airport is for private and charter flights only, but it is only two hours from Sedona. The airport is located near Tusayan at the entrance to the South Rim, so if the Grand Canyon is on your itinerary, this location may be a convenient choice for your plans. 

7. Phoenix Mesa Gateway (AZA)

Formerly known as the Williams Air Force Base, the historic Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport went from a training facility for Air Force pilots to a location that hosts more than forty companies and serves more than forty-five cities by way of Allegiant and Sun Country Airlines. Not just an airport, they also have plans for an aerospace center for maintenance, testing, and pilot training. A little over a 100 miles away, it is only a couple hours drive to Sedona. 

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